South Sikkim

Tendong hill located above Damthang and overlooking Namchi has become one of the most prominent landmarks in South Sikkim. It can be approached only by trekking which starts from Damthang, a 13 km drive from Ravangla. The span of the trek route is around 6 km which passes through lush green forest rich in spectacular flora and wildlife. More than 90 species of birds, Himalayan Bears, leopards and illusive Red Pandas inhabit this forest. Hill top is at a height of 8660 ft and offers spectacular views of entire eastern Himalayas.

Historically this has been a place of recluse for Buddhist Lamas who spend years in meditation amidst the silent scenic grandeur. As per the Lepcha folklore Tendong Hill gets its name, meaning 'Upraised Horn' and the myths of Lepcha's which passed on through generation are that, Tendong saved them from the great deluge, which submerged the entire world. This lore is an amazing resemblance with Noah's Ark as Mount Ararat becomes the savor like Tendong Hill. It is a sacred place. Even today Lepcha's pay homage to Tendong Hill on the occasion of Lho Rum Faat.

A small monastery and a three storied watch tower is set at the top. From the watch tower 360 degree view is really superb. Nowhere from Sikkim offers such an astonishing view of the entire range. The Singalila range in the west, Chola range in the east, part of Gangtok town, Nathu La, Darjeeling and part of the plains of West Bengal are visible from here.

All except rainy season!

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