Temi Tarku

South Sikkim

The Temi Tea Garden was established in 1969 by the Government of Sikkim and covers an area 440 acres. This is Sikkim's sole tea garden and connoisseurs will tell you that it is truly solitaire. The tea produced here enjoys international repute commanding premium prices in world auctions. The last king of Sikkim initiated tea growing in Sikkim to provide employment for Tibetan refugees fleeing the Chinese invasion of their homeland.

Initially a small plantation was started in Kewzing. This later moved to Temi and a proper processing plant was constructed. The government owned estate today produces about 1 lakh kg of tea annually. Temi tea is planted along steep hillsides ranging from 1200-1800m. The factory is situated at 1500m and the road upto it is lined with cherry blossom trees. Driving in November when these trees are in bloom is like moving through a pink mist beyond which one can glimpse the gleaming snows of Khangchendzonga. The drive upto Temi takes you through mountain sides lush with ferns. Recently the Institute of Marketology (IMO) of Switzerland has certified this tea garden as organic and hence the quality and demand of this certified product has ever increased. Temi Tea Bungalow located here is managed by STDC and can be contacted for accommodation. Visitors may halt for tea and snacks in the bungalow as well.

All except rainy season!

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